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Security Screen Doors

What are Security Doors

Screen security doors are actually very strong and a signal to would be thieves that your home is protected.  The advantages of a screen security door  are ventilation and view.  If you want to get an idea of how tough steel screen is, click here for a manufacturer's YouTube video.  Important considerations for any steel door are type of steel, and frame strength.  Our affiliates offer top of the line stainless steel, and other options.  The doors are well worth the cost and should add value to your home.  We hope to provide you answer's to any questions you may have.  Please contact us.

What are my options

We will come to your house, discuss your needs, and provide you a bid that takes into consideration your desires, and how to best install your security door.  Once agreed upon, we will take careful measurements, and place the order.  When it arrives, we will promptly contact you for an installation appointment that we ourselves do.  Anywhere in OC or LA is no problem.  

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