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Pet Screen Doors

What are Pet Screen Doors?

As simple as the question sounds, there are actually different issues when dealing with your beloved dog or cat. 


  • The material of which a window or screen itself is made. Standard screens are made from vinyl coated fiberglass.  Although durable, they may not hold up well to the excited pawing canine or a cat that likes to climb it to get your attention.  You can upgrade your screen to a PVC coated polyethylene screen that will stand up to your pets.  A little extra investment up front may save you many rescreenings. 

  • The screen of a "security door" is made of steel, and offers ultimate pet durability along with an unobstructed view, and the added safety that security doors provide. 

  • Pet guard grills are made of steel in a decorative lattice structure.  They are usually attached to the outside of a screen door.  They are popular choices, but do decrease the view outdoors from inside a little bit.  They do however, also provide protection for the lower area of your screen doors from speeding tricycles, cleated baseball shoes, thrown balls, etc. 

  • Professionally installed flapped pet doors are an option on many screen doors.  This allows your pet access in and out whenever the accompanying solid or glass door, or  window is open.

  • There are also automatic motorized sliding glass door systems.  These can include the use of motion sensors, or fobs attached to your pet's collar. Motion sensors, keypads, or fobs will work for humans as well.  So if you or your pets like supermarket doors, or Star Trek doors, you may wish to consider this add-on.  Also, we can install these systems on most existing sliding screen or glass doors.


There are obviously different price points to all of these options.  Please make an appointment for more details and discuss a personallized solution to your needs.  Below are some examples of "pet door" installations.  



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